Author Guidelines

KINAA Journal General Instructions

The manuscripts of articles that have fulfilled the writing instructions are sent in MS Word form by:

  1. Delivered by online submission on the Kinaa E-Journal portal with the address


The manuscripts of articles written must contain the following components of scientific articles:

  • Title of article (b) name of author without title (c) address of author affiliation (d) abstract and keywords (e) introduction (f) method (g) results and discussion (h) conclusion (i) references.


The article manuscripts can be written in Indonesian or English in a print-ready format with a total of 4000-5000 words or a maximum of 12 pages including pictures and tables (1, 25 spaces).


The article is written using A4 paper (210 x 297 mm) with a 3 cm left margin, 2.5 cm top, 2.5 cm right and 2.5 cm bottom. Manuscripts are written in Cambrian font with 12pt font size (except article title) in 1 column format (except article title, name, affiliation address, abstract, and keywords with 1 column) spaced 1 space apart. Foreign words or terms are used in italics.


The abstract is written in Indonesian and English using Cambrian font with a size 11 pt. The abstract should begin with the title of the article, followed by a description of the research objectives, methods used, theories, and findings. The distance from the left margin is 1.5 cm, using justify format, the number of words is 150-200 words. One space is between lines.



To get a precise shape, the template provided can be downloaded.