Kinaa is a term of Toraja language which shows the nature of wisdom.

Kinaa is one of the characteristic that the leader should be possessed, so it can show good, sincere and influential leadership. Based on that, it becomes philosophy and uniqueness’s characteristic which is based on Christian’s values. Christianity also develops leadership principles that come from biblical, systematic, historical and practical.


Kinaa: Journal of Christian Leadership and Empowerment of the Congregation.

This journal will discuss various scientific articles on Christian leadership and scientific reports on empowerment activities. Based on that, the focus of this journal discusses Christian Leadership and Church Empowerment.  


Kinaa: Journal of Christian Leadership and Empowerment of the Congregation has a focus and scope on the field of scientific articles related to Christian Leadership and also reports on community service activities. The specifications for the domains of Christian leadership and service to members of the congregation include:

  1. Study of Old Testament or New Testament biblical texts of Christian Leadership.
  2. Historical Studies of Christian Leadership
  3. Practical Studies of Christian Leadership
  4. Systematic studies that can expose or add to the theory or practice of Christian leadership
  5. Activity reports that are written systematically based on the aspects of scientific work regarding the service and empowerment of the congregation.


Kinaa: Journal of Christian Leadership and Empowerment of the Congregation is a journal of the Department of Leadership, Faculty of Culture and Christian Leadership, State Christian Institute of Toraja. Kinaa Journal is published twice a year in June and December.

Vol. 4 No. 2 (2023): Kinaa : Jurnal Kepemimpinan Kristen dan Pemberdayaan Jemaat.

Published: 2023-12-15

Era Disrupsi Teknologi dan Sikap Pemimpin Kristen

Yakobus Adi Saingo


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Church and Science: Developing Missionary Leadership in The Digitalization Era

Rajiman Andrianus Sirait, Alon Mandimpu Nainggolan, Delpi Novianti


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Kajian Praktis Karakteristik Jiwa Seorang Pemimpin Berdasarkan Filsafat Tiga Unsur Jiwa Manusia Plato

Jimmi Pindan Pute, Hengki Pindan Pute, Piter Palembangan


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To Bara’ Kepemimpinan Bukti, Bukan Janji: Perspektif Sosiologi Politik Masyarakat Seko Embonatana

Jems Alam


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Penggunaan Problem Solving Melalui Pendekatan Coaching dalam Kepemimpinan Kristen Masa Kini

Guntur Firman Apri Yanto, Verry Willyam


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